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Dr. Mantz (1 on 1 private sessions)

Dr. Mantz offers 1 on 1 private sessions at the Santa Barbara Integrative Psychiatry center in Santa Barbara, California. He is available for both in-person sessions and video psychiatry sessions. Any resident of California 16 years or older is eligible. Out of state residents can be treated while they stay in California. Dr. Mantz offers a free 20 minute consultation. For more information on setting up a free consultation:

    Dr. Mantz utilizes an integrative lifestyle approach to optimizing brain and mind function. His use of medications is conservative yet compassionate. His general approach is to find out what your needs and wants are, review your Mind-Health Analysis Form, and create a customized Mind-Health Treatment Program that will chart a path to optimizing your mind. Videoconferencing sessions are available for California residents only. Video psychiatry can be a very helpful tool for those clients who travel frequently or would like the added convenience and privacy that at-home sessions offer.


    Who can apply?

    • Current psychiatric residents enrolled in an ACGME accredited residency program
    • Current 4th year medical students who have declared their specialty towards psychiatry

    Cost: free

    Designed to help augment your knowledge on psychotherapy, nutrition, meditation, supplements and exercise. The position lasts for 3 months with the possibility of one renewal.

    The Mentorship includes the following:

    • Shadowing Dr. Mantz 1 day per month
    • 1 hour of Q and A over the phone per month
    • Twice weekly emails
    • Opportunities to get involved with researching, editing, and generating new articles and content for the website

    Please note that Dr. Mantz can only accept 1 mentorship position at a time. If the position is filled when you contact us, you can request to be added to our mentorship program waiting list. We prioritize those who are committed to practicing psychiatry in an integrative way. Dr. Mantz is dedicated to teaching those psychiatrists who want to learn more about how to create an integrative practice that focuses on optimizing Mind-Health with an emphasis on lifestyle management.