Speaking – DrMantz


I have given over a hundred presentations at universities, hospitals, corporations and national organizations on creating superior health for your brain and mind. I learned early in my career to not give lectures – they are too passive and generally don’t lead to any significant learning in the audience afterwards.

I design my talks to be interactive, playful, and engaging in order to effectively teach practical ways to incorporate the best strategies to improve Mind-Health using the latest in scientific research with the best wisdom from ancient healing practices.

My goal is not to get applause; it’s to get my audience to learn useful and effective strategies that will change their lives. I love it when I get emails from past audience members who tell me that they learned something from one of my talks that led to significant improvements in the quality of their lives. That is the aim I have in mind when I design, craft, and deliver my talks.

Past popular talks and seminars that I have given include:

The integration of the best information we currently have on brain health. I teach and guide the audience 10 essential principles that are clinically proven to:

  •  improve brain growth
  •  boost cognitive and emotional intelligence
  •  enhance both short-term and long-term memory
  •  increase creativity and productivity
  •  increase well-being and overall quality of life

There is no doubt about it, if you want the best mind possible, nutrition is vital to that goal. Nutritional science is clear: the food we eat exert powerful effects on our brain health improving a wide range of brain functions including but not limited to: mood improvements, memory enhancement, improved concentration, and verbal fluency. The cool thing about these foods is that with some knowledge and skill you can learn how to use them in a way that makes them easy to prepare and delicious.

I teach how to cook mind-enhancing foods that are easy to prepare and satisfy your taste buds.

Anxiety is not the enemy. It’s a feedback signal that something is out of balance in your nervous system. Ignore or attack your anxiety at your own peril. Understanding anxiety and learning how to reteach your nervous system to respond to challenges in a more balanced way is the path towards freedom

Do you want to radically change your mind into being more resilient, more creative, and much more powerful than it is today? Cultivating body wisdom and non-verbal intelligence enhances a wide range of mental functions including: emotional intelligence, decision-making capacity, creativity and mental agility.

Recent scientific evidence is pointing to the addictive power of processed foods. Many people become enslaved by these toxic-foods and the cravings they invoke. Will power will not save you from the seductive traps these foods tend to create.

I was a former food addict. Fast-food, ice-cream, and chips were my food-drugs of choice.

I teach strategies that have worked for me and my patients to finally kick the processed food habit once and for all.

We have an energy crisis affecting the minds of our society. Our sleep quality is deteriorating and many of us treat our brains poorly which undercuts their ability to function optimally. This creates a damaging energy depleting cycle that leaves many people wired and tired – unable to achieve the goals that they want to achieve.

Learn how to create healthy and sustainable mind energy. Discover what your positive motivations are. Get back on track and head in a direction that rejuvenates and inspires you to pursue meaningful goals that will improve the quality of your work, your relationships, and your life.